Spray Season Checklist

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Employers are responsible for selecting the appropriate gloves (and other PPE) for employees.

Boots 87401 Onguard 16" PVC plain toe boot
First Aid 126034L North 16 oz. Emergency Eye Wash Bottle
  5135 Portable Eye Wash Station, 15 minutes
  8458 10 Unit First Aid Kit, 1 to 5 people
Goggles: S3400X Uvex Flex-Seal Clear Goggle
  S3960C Uvex Stealth Clear Goggle
  S3961C Uvex Stealth Grey Goggle
  S3970D Uvex "Over The Glasses" Clear Goggle
  TW100DS Magic Ter-n-Wipe Fog Be Gone Wipes
  FTBDX100 Fogtech Extended Duration Anti-Fog Wipes
Respirators: 54001M/L North Full Face Respirator
  7600-8A North Full Face Respirator
  80836A North Full Face Peel Away Windows
  770030 North Half Mask Respirator
  7500-1 North Organic Vapor Cartridge
  N7500-27 North Prefilter Cover Retainer
  7506N95 North Non-oil Prefilter (10 / pkg)
  7506R95 North Oil Base Prefilter (10 / pkg)
  7580P100 North P100 HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate) Filter
  75FFP100NL North P100 Pancake (High Efficiency Particulate) Filter
  2000A Respirator Storage Bag with Zipper
  2050 Allegro Respirator Fit Test Kit
  2050-01 Allegro Replacement Smoke Tubes (6 / pkg)
  ST100DN Magic Ter-n-Wipe Respirator Wipes
Gloves: B131R10 North Butyle Glove
  NC316 MB 12", 15-mil, green nitrile glove, sz 8 - 11
  NC822 MB 18", 22-mil, green nitrile glove, sz 8 - 11
  SSG10 North Silver Shield Barrier Glove
Spray suits: 4432_ Kleenguard A40 Coverall, HEWA, sz M - 4XL
  M2159H MB Jacket w/Attached Hood, sz S - 4XL
  M2211 -KP MB Bib Overall w/Knee Patch, sz S - 4XL
All gloves listed above meet or exceed the requirements of 40 CFR 156.212(e), Table 3. EPA Chemical Resistance Category.